Friday, March 9, 2012

The Hawthornes Prepare Spring Rolls.

Being the bon vivants that we are,
the Hawthornes are still in a celebratory whirlwind of conviviality, revelry, and divertissement. World-famous photography team, The Tysons, Cheryl and Badgely, are in town shooting lighthouses and dropped by Monday afternoon to visit with us. Cheryl, as always, is quite chic. Badgely is sporting his new jailhouse rock look and I like it. Thanks so much for coming, folks! We did have fun, just like 30 years ago. (Names are always changed to protect the guilty.) I have a professional photographer shooting my food. Whoot!
That said, these are my pictures, done on the fly.
Take a spring roll skin and let it soak in warm water until it just becomes pliable. If you leave the rice paper in the water too long, it will disintegrate.
As for the filling, it's all up to you.
I'll tell you what I put in mine and you can pick and choose. A soft lettuce leaf, such as a Bib, Boston, or butterhead. Not iceberg. Sushi riced, cooked, salted, and seasoned with a splash of rice vinegar julienned carrot julienned cucumber sliced cooked shrimp You have my permission to use faux Krabmeat in these. sliced avocado Rosie hint #720
If you use avocado, when you slice it,
sprinkle it with lime juice so the slices won't turn brown. pickled ginger chopped cilantro thinly sliced water chestnuts some kind of sprouts - clover, alfalfa, radish, broccoli Have ingredients prepared and ready to go. Mise en place. And assemble. Rosie hint #721:
When making spring rolls, do NOT overfill.
You won't be able to get a tight roll
and you'll probably end up splitting the delicate rice paper.
The leaf goes on first, on the side of the rice paper nearest you, not in the middle of the wrapper, then add a layer of rice. It helps to dip your fingertips in water so the rice won't stick.
Carrot and cucumber julienne.
Sliced shrimp and pickled ginger.
Dusting of cilantro.
Roll the lettuce leaf over the filling to encase it, then gently pull the wrapper up over the leaf, tucking the end underneath.
Fold the sides over to cover the ends and roll evenly and neatly.
Until you have a nice, tight roll.
Slice the rolls diagonally.
Serve with wasabi and/or a dipping sauce of your choice. Mine has soy sauce, rice wine, tiny bit of sesame oil, pinch of sugar, some sriracha sauce, fresh ginger, a hint of garlic, and cilantro.
This one has krab.
These are tasty little morsels indeedy.

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