Thursday, September 6, 2007

Arrussupie for Peanut Butter Snadwiches: Loaf of bread (recommended : Wonder Bread. I was out of Wonder Bread so I had to use this 100% Whole Wheat crap with 24 grams of Whole Grain per slice. Oh well.) Peanut Butter (recommended: FoodLion creamy.) Raisins: (Recommended: FoodLion.) Now, since kids love Raisins so much, Imonna fuck with them and add: Craisins (recommended: Ocean Spray.) Zante Currants (recommended: Sun Maid.) Optional ingredients: Dog biscuits (recommended: Milk Bone) Pasta (The only thing I had on hand was a cholesterol free low fat and low sodium egg white pasta. If this is the case with you, then I suggest you add more salt, or perhaps a seasoning packet. By the way, when the kiddies bite INto this, it's the magical ingredient that makes them go, "Ooooh, what is that crunch?") Now, you all know how HARD it is to get fruits and vegetables INto children, so you might want to cleverly hide slices of apples or okra from your garden INside the snadwiches. And WALLAH! A healthy, nootrishunal meal! Music: Recommended: Tequila Makes Her Clothes Clothes Fall Off, Joe Nichols.

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