Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mr. & Mrs. Hawthorne in negotiations.

OoooKay. Now, we don't exactly know where we're going with this wall. I kind of was leaning toward this:


It would be a humidifier. It would take a lot of the dust out of the air. It would be nice to look at and listen to. And then there's that feng shui element going on with the fire and water.

Now, Mr. Hawthorne is leaning towards this:


So, what I'm thinking is letting him have his TV over the mantel and I'll take the space between the two windows and put this:

Click on the bottom left one, rain forest green marble. I think that's real purty.

The place that has the water falls is in Arden, North Carolina. I'm 7-8 hours away, but I think Mr. H. and I should make a road trip to the showroom. As an extra added bonus, Arden isn't far from Asheville and Biltmore house, which is where I've always wanted to go.

Check it out:


My entertainment center used to be between the two windows, but I'm not liking it there.

When Floorman did the floors, we had to move the entertainment center out of the way, so we pushed it next to the steps.

Now, I'm thinking of moving the lamp and table out and squishing the entertainment center next to the computer desk. I'd keep the VCR, DVD, and stereo components in it and wire it underneath the floor and up through the wall to the flat screen over the fireplace. Sounds like a plan!


Lane said...

I love the fire/water/humidifier thing in dark green marble too. Super neato!!

Unknown said...

I like the smaller feature (and I like the TV!!) and it seems like it'd be really nice between the two windows... you can just gaze out the windows and be distracted momentarily by the pretty waterfall, or gaze at the waterfall and be momentarily distracted by the goings-on outside.