Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tuesday, September 18. Got a lot done today.

I just want to say right now and here: Forget about recipes. I ain't doin' anymore stinkin' arrussipies. I got NO WAY to clean anything I cook. I don't like to do dishes in the bathroom sink. Just freakin' forget arrussssipeeees. I'm going out to lunch every day.

Ed showed up at Swirlman's at 7:00 this morning demanding that he immediately get here to do something about what he screwed up yesterday. Here's the finished product. Not perfect, but much better. I can live with it. Oh, and Swirlman didn't even do the swirls today.

It's still wet. It'll look much better when painted. As Mr. Hawthorne said, "The original swirls are in the calm part of the house where you relax and the new swirls are in the busy part of the house. The busy swirls are in the kitchen where you're busy." Oh God, he's using Sandylogic.

He brought Swirlboy with him. Swirlboy donned stilts and did the swirls, whilst Swirlman rolled on the compound. Yesterday, Swirlman stood on tippy-toe with his neck at an alarming angle. He could barely reach the ceiling to swirl. Today, he brought Swirlboy to do the swirl job while he carped about the problem yesterday being due to Jason, aka Stiltman or Drywallguy, who didn't apply the compound correctly. Say what?

Doesn't Dixie look pretty sitting on my new maple floor?

I love how the kitchen flooring extends into the hallway.
This maple is bee-yoo-tee-ful.

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