Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Here's the menu.

Thought you'd like to see the menu. I always love menus.

Just had to take this picture. This is my living room with everything pushed down to the south side. My daughter made me that mirror above the fireplace. I had to move the sofa from in front of the side of the steps on the left hand side of the room to in front of the fireplace. Now, my Gawdawful computer area is where the sofa used to be and my back and knees are all killing me. All my furniture is squished INto 1/2 of the living room. BTW, that's Mr. Hawthorne, of course, in the chair, and over there on the sofa is Dixie's basket of toys.
And just LOOK who's on TV!!!!!

Oh, here's the GAWDAWFUL computer area. I'm sitting on a FOOT STOOL. Every joint in my body hurts.

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