Friday, September 14, 2007

Sept. 13 -14 It's starting to come together now.

Well now, it's actually starting to look like something.

Kitchen has been stripped bare and re-wired. Can I just say that looking at a gutted kitchen, insulation, mouse crap, and bare pipes and wires is depressing?

Sheet rockers came in and now I have walls. We are CONstructing now, not DE-constructing. And you would not believe all the white, powdery dust that's covering everything.
(NO, not that white powder.)

The dry wall man came in next to do his thing.

This is my dry-wall guy. I asked him to put the stilts on so I could get a picture of him since I missed it yesterday. He was happy to oblige.

Is this not the coolest thing? He offered to extend his stilts and pose on the deck for me.

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