Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Oh What a Beautiful Day!

Let me tell you, I am so happy about today's events. So much was accomplished.

Ed started out at 7 this morning painting the kitchen.

Then Floorman finished the maple in the kitchen and started on the tigerwood in the living area.

This is the view from the kitchen out. Dixie likes her new floor.

I was cleaning out the hall closet so Floorman could continue tomorrow. I found lots of the kids' things that had been in there forever. So, I thought I would don certain accessories.

Now, what you've all been waiting for: Here is a picture of Rosie. I have NO anonymity anymore.

This is Rosie, in her HazMat gear, ready to tackle Mr. Hawthorne's bathroom.

Dixie is enjoying her newly found blankie. It has Batman on the other side.

I had to move my office from in front of the side of the steps over to the kitchen door going downstairs to the utility room. Lookie who's on TV!!

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