Friday, September 28, 2007

New Zealand Abalone

While Rosie's stomach is filling up and distending, once again to gigantic proportions, I'll show you some tile I've selected.
I found something similar to this at a local tile store. This is a block of 8 - 2x2" tiles. The local store wanted $26 per 2x2" tile. I was flabbergasted. I thought they meant $26 for the whole mesh of 8.

So, Rosie went surfing. Finally found what she wanted after llllliteralllly hours of research. These tiles change color depending on the angle at which you look at them. Here's where I finally found the stuff:

Now, they were less than half the price of the tile I found on the beach. Each 2-inch square will be a diagonally placed accent tile in my back splash. And just wait until you see the counter tops. These are going to look f'ntastik.

What this is actually is New Zealand abalone. The reason it costs so much is that it is harvested solely by free-divers. Apparently no scuba gear is involved.

Aren't these pretty:

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