Friday, September 21, 2007

I thought I was happy and excited yesterday. Today I might just pee.

Dixie isn't sure whether she's allowed on the new floor. She's got cool eyes. And she's got her Flying Nun ears going on.

Whoot! Look at my cabinets. That's Floorman on the left and Ed on the right. My dishwasher is going in that hole.

That will be my sink under the window. My daughter always complained about the nasty trashcan exposed in the middle of the kitchen. Now it'll be hidden in the cabinet.

The hole is where my microwave/convection oven combo is going. Check out the lazy Susan.

Fridge goes in the right. I've got lots of cabinet space. I'm a happy camper. Range will go in the middle.

I'm loving my office/computer space. Ed went to the job site next door and "borrowed" a piece of particle board and cut it to fit so I'd have a desk top. I know it's messy now, but Ed's going to hide all the wires when we get doors and drawers and desk top in.

The tigerwood is bee-yoo-tee-mus. It's like a skating rink. I don't want to put any furniture in this room.

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