Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Funny Dixie.

I'm finally sharing something with you. I've been saving until I could actually release it. I found a funny video of Dixie from PhotoBucket. Don't know the date. Check it out. Watch Dixie when Giada comes into the scene. And then I found this video with Dixie and Beau. I think Beau might have piddled like a girl on the floor. He be scared of Dixie. I love Dixie's pretty smile! The following is what I was going to post three months ago but never got around to it until now. This draft is from September 12, 2011. Three days before Dixie died. Buster had brought Zippy over for their evening quaffs and Buster got into Dixie's space. I love it when Dixie breaks bad.
From September 12, 2011:
Dixie had a lot of fun in the pool today with Glowria. After a 3-4 hour nap, she got up and actually starting playing with her rawhide cigar which she's never paid any attention to before.
Wish I could've gotten the picture of her holding it like a cigar.
Dixie's buddy, Buster, came over to visit last night.
Dixie likes to pretend she's a bad ass.


Anonymous said...

Awww, Sweet Dixie.

Dogmama13 said...

Beautiful girl, love her ears and her "smile". Thanks for sharing. Barbara