Friday, November 18, 2011

Oh... Zzzadig? Cornbread ... Buttermilk ...

I know you hate me because I'm beautiful and have oysters, but now I give you more reason to hate me.
Yes, Zzzadig, I dipped my cornbread into peppered buttermilk.
This cornbread recipe came off the side of Moss' Self Rising White Corn Meal. Didn't like the texture. Mr. H. liked the taste. I'm not committed. Still need to find the ultimate cornbread recipe. I thought this particular cornbread ... dry. I noticed the texture of the batter - very clumpy and lumpy and dry. I followed the directions to the T. Even though my innards were screaming for me to add more liquid. Buttermilk takes cornbread over the top. I like freshly cracked pepper on most everything. Better yet, crumble your cornbread into buttermilk. Right, Zzzadig?


zzzadig said...

And with black pepper, perfect! The batter should not have been lumpy at all, so more liquid for sure, and let it sit a bit before pouring. Too dry? Up the oil a tad. Yes, white cornbread is drier than most sweet yellow ornbreads, but Mr. H detects the flavor difference; it's a purer corn flavor. Have a slice with lots of butter. If you can find it, Martha White is the iconic white corn meal. Add an extra egg, use whole milk instead of buttermilk and see what happens, dem recipes are just guidelines.

SweetPhyl said...

Classic "Crumblin' in" as we call it must have pepper AND salt sprinkled over that glass of buttermilk, too! As for the best cornbread, I'm still searchin' for that elusive perfect recipe mahself. I'd kill for my grandaddy's recipe--wish I'd paid more attention as a kid. He made it in an old electric skillet, even managing to flip it halfway through the cook time. It was a thing of beauty, to be sure.