Monday, November 14, 2011

Dogwood And Giada Come To Visit.

I'm so happy to have furry friends with me again. I've missed Dogwood and Giada. Dogwood is always happy to pose.
Giada and the Rainbow.
Love the long rainbow.
Look to the left.
Look to the right.
Rosie: Get down tonight. Please, click on the link and everyone get up and dance. Rosie did. For some reason, I thought, "Look to the left. Look to the right." came right before, "Get down tonight" in the lyrics to that song. It doesn't. Rosie's mind works in mysterious ways. Dogwood: Maintain guard.
Daughter Hawthorne was getting ready to give Giada a bath and Giada can smell a bath a mile away and Giada hateshateshates baths so she came back here to my bed to hide. And shiver. And quiver. Literally. A lightbulb went on over Rosie's head and she went to her medicine cabinet and got one of the Doggie Downers my vet had given me some time ago when we thought we might have to drive with Dixie. I never used the pills, because I really couldn't put Dixie through the stress of driving even if she were medicated. So Rosie slipped Giada a Mickey 'n Cheese. Giada was in a happy place in about 10 minutes. She voluntarily walked upstairs to the bathroom. Daughter Hawthorne got her in the tub and bathed her for about 20 minutes. Giada was calm. Little Miss Hawthorne was amazed. I put towels in the dryer so Dau Haw could wrap her up nice, warm, and cozy.
Giada, that bath wasn't such a buzz kill after all, was it? I think not.


dh said...

Doggie Downers are the crap! I love sleepy giagia :) Scared giada makes me just never wanna ever give her a bath. Poor baby.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Glad Mommie could help. :)