Saturday, November 5, 2011

Colington Intersection Wreck

At 2:13 PM this afternoon, Mr. Hawthorne and I were headed home. This is the infamous Colington Intersection. There is yet another wreck here today.
Notice anything in this picture? I mean besides the wreck itself. I'll tell you at the end if you don't see it, or don't know about it. It's something I see every time I go in and out of Colington. It's something I remember fresh.
Last month, a man was killed here. Here's the Outer Banks Voice article on that. In 1999, 4 17-year olds were killed at this intersection. In both instances, the victims had the green light. Go back and look at the very first picture. Right center. See the four crosses? Have you ever heard about the Precious Gems Memorial? Don't know what happened today but hope everyone's OK.

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