Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mr. Hawthorne's Pasta Salad.

After slaving over a hot computer at work all day, Mr. Hawthorne finally made his way back to Casa Hawthorne and Little Wifey Mouse. He made one of his favorite pasta salads for supper, adapted from Dee Dea's recipe. Thanks, DD!
This only gets better after time. The flavors meld together and the dressing gets a bit thicker. Wish I still had my tarragon plants. ThankyouverymuchIrene. Fresh tarragon would have been great in this. Mr. Hawthorne, you should have put some fresh parsley in. Yeah. I know. You.Don't.Know.Where.The.Parsley.Is. le sigh Note to Mr. Hawthorne: The parsley is FREAKIN' EVERYWHERE!
Mr. Hawthorne cooked noodle shells in salted water.
Then he chopped up some tomatoes, red onion, and English hothouse cucumber. I've found that these cucumbers last longer in the fridge than the regular waxed cukes.
He added celery stalk and chopped.
Mr. Hawthorne's Dressing (which tastes a lot like the creamy dip they give you at Plaza Azteca in Kill Devil Hills along with the salsa for the tortilla chips): 1/2 cup mayo 3 TB sour cream 1 TB cider vinegar 1 TB cream 2 tsp dried mustard 2 tsp sugar freshly ground pepper, to taste freshly ground salt, to taste
Dressing, celery, cucumber, red onion, tomato, and pasta, al dente.
Pour dressing over pasta and vegetables.
Mix well.
I'd give this 4 whoots on a 5-whoot pasta scale.
This is a quick dish, light and refreshing. Love the fresh veggies and the tart dressing.

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