Friday, November 4, 2011

My Backyard Garden.

Welcome once again to Rosie's Garden. Please sit down. Have a glass of wine. Take deep cleansing breaths. And enjoy.
This is looking down from the Hawthornes' deck.
Here's the birdie bath. I have a lovely lilac rose in the background that is extremely fragrant. I have white, pink, and purple allysum that self-seeds here. Quite delicate. Very nice. Also my perennial stock which will bloom first thing in the spring. Smells lovely. Peruvian Daffodils which bloom in late spring.
Daughter Hawthorne, thank you for helping me build this new feature in the garden. I thank you for the glass shards.
Here's my newest addition. My "water" feature. The "pond" is made out of crushed glass from Manteo Recycling. I posted about the pulverized glass earlier. And there are plenty of sharp shards of glass accenting the pond. Thank you, Daughter Hawthorne, for your years of slamming doors and breaking mirrors. I've always saved the pieces and they came in handy for this project. The "pond" is outlined in wine bottles stuck upside down into the ground. I need to drink more Cabernet Sauvignon to complete the circle.
I planted pansies and snapdragons around. Dianthus in the front.
The seats are from my granite when we renovated the kitchen and house in 2007. That renovation was the original action which birthed this blog. The Granite Boys had come to the house one morning and left the granite for the fireplace leaning up against the garage door while they came inside to prepare for the installation. Can you see where this is heading? Mr. Hawthorne took this particular morning to leave for work by going through the ground floor utility room to pick up a water bottle out of the fridge. He then opened the door to the inside of the garage and hit the remote control for the garage door. And crash went the granite piece for the fireplace that was resting against the outside of the garage door. Granite Boys had to eat that piece. Or rather pieces. I've kept them for 4 years before figuring out what to do with them. The granite pieces. Not the Granite Boys. Funny story about when the Granite Boys returned with the new piece. Mr. Hawthorne and I had gone out to lunch, leaving Dixie in charge of the men putting in the kitchen cabinets. After all, she was familiar with them and they were "OK" people to her. The Granite Boys came to the slider across from the kitchen and knocked for the Cabinet Guys to let them in. Dixie went into THISISMYJOBANDYOUAINTGETTINGINMODE!!! Dixie went beserk with the Granite Boys and got between them on the outside and the Cabinet Guys on the inside. Wouldn't let the Cabinet Guys let the Granite Boys in, but the Granite Boys wouldn't have come in. They were smarter than that. Not smart enough to not leave the granite leaning against the garage door, but smart enough to leave Dixie alone. Good Girl, Sweet Dixie. You always had my back.
My Thai basil is blooming on the deck.
Now, Mr. Hawthorne and I can go to the backyard and sit on our granite benches, gaze into the pond, and have a wine and cheese party for two. I actually have a glass fish in the pond. Daughter Hawthorne, remember? You gave me the fish. If you zoom in, you can see it. Where did you get that fish for me? Dear Readers, Whenever I sent my children off into the pre-dawn darkness to board a bus and take a school field trip, I always slipped them a twenty to "bring Mama a present." Daughter Hawthorne was real good with this. The Hawthorne Boys, not so much.


dh said...

was it a stained glass fish? Love you Mama the mirror shards pond is such a pretty idea :)

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Yes, SweetiePoo. A stained glass fish.
Where did it come from?

You brought me the blue cobalt candlestick from Williamsburg/Jamestown I think.
I love the candlestick.

E. A. Marion said...

Rosie, what happens when you water the glass? Just wondering, what with the hose and all.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

EverAlertMarion, the glass stays put.

This is one interesting note I learned from Irene: You never know what floats until you have a hurricane.

I had 6 x 6 and 8 x 8 railroad ties in my garden that were floated away down to the hump in the road 1/8 mile down.

I had an 18-inch diameter terra cotta pot at the bottom of the front steps that was lifted out of the two-inch terra cotta pan and displaced 25 feet south.

I had placed numerous 1-inch purple tiles I'd found in the last mulch delivery around my setcresia on the ground. The tiles were unmoved by the flood.

Need to find that post.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Oh Eva Ale,I don't water the glass so it's a mooty.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

The hose was for the newly planted snaps and pansies and dianthus.

Catherine said...

Dear Rosie, Love reading this. I love your ideas. The upside down wine bottles to border your pond is a wonderful idea. It just looks like a wonderful place to go to relax. Enjoy it. Blessings, Catherine xo

Anonymous said...

Didn't Annie Lennox sing a song about walking on broken glass? Is it smooth or sharp? Looks beautiful.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Love Annie Lennox and Walking on Broken Glass:

It's pulverized glass so it's smooth kinda.
Wouldn't want to walk barefoot through it though.

Eva Ale said...

....I just keep remembering the line from Polanski's "Chinatown"..."very bad for the glass...salt water, very bad for the glass".