Monday, November 28, 2011

The Hawthorne Creatures Return. Both 2-Legged And 4-Legged.

I started taking pictures of the Hawthorne critters when they first came home for Thanksgiving. I'm just now getting around to posting them.
There's certain joy tinged with a definite sadness in the house. At least for me.
There is the joy of having all my Hawthornlets and their critters home for the holidays, and there is the sadness of not having Dixie with us this year. Dixie always liked Thanksgiving. She loved all the smells emanating from my kitchen. She would always lie on her bed in front of the slider and watch me at the counter as I prepared our meals. I missed watching her watching me. I miss Dixie.
Giada is a nurturer. Giada always comes and licks his feet and face.
Giada and Junior do this all day long.
June Bug takes 5.
And back at it.
Giada likes to lie in Dixie's old bed.
Daughter Hawthorne brought me a live Norfolk Island Pine and I decorated it, in the loosest sense of the word so I'd have a little something Christmasy for Thanksgiving. Why buy an already dead tree to decorate when I can kill this one on my own?
Dogwood likes swatting at the lights. This was after Nana had given him a snort of the 'nip.
Beau is a handsome beast. Middle Hawthorne wants to breed him so if anyone knows of a female American Bull Dog out there suitable for an arranged tryst with Beau, please email me.
Junior's line stops here.
Junior is one of a kind.
Beau and Junior share a tender moment.
Beau is nothing if not subtle. He wants to get in Mr. Hawthorne's lap. It starts with a casual touch.
Beau's testing the waters. He gets bolder.
Yup. It's working.
Snooze time for Junior. Beau has a heavy head. He likes to rest it in convenient places.

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