Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ahhh. Irony.

Irony is a bastard child of karma. When you think you have a handle on everything, you realize you have nothing,. It's a kick-ass kind of thing. During Irene, things got all shook up, then it all panned out in interesting ways. To wit: I thought we'd probably lose power. We didn't. If we did lose power, I still had my gas stove top. I was confident about that. We never lost power. But Irene swept out my gas tanks. Heh! The irony of it. So no stove top meals. No stir fries. No sautees. What a bitch! I went to get my electric plate which Sister Hawthorne gave me years ago. After some other hurricane. Mr. Hawthorne valiantly brewed tea for me. Gotta love the man for that. He BREWED tea for me. Later, for lunch, we powered up the electric plate. It was a NOGO. Tossed the electric plate today. Back to the gas issue. We called Outer Banks Gas. They're wonderful. Here's a bit of random information: Ted Moseley, the owner of Outer Banks LP Gas, is the original owner of My Sweet Dixie. Ted called yesterday afternoon. Irene had taken out about 800 of their gas tanks. Somewhere out in the sound. Outer Banks Gas showed up the next day with two new gas tanks for us. They have 800 tanks floating around in the sound waters which they're trying to retrieve, but they came here to bring us 2 tanks. When you have a semi-disaster problem, everyone pitches in and helps their neighbors out. Friends and neighbors come together, bonded by their shared experiences. It's a beautiful thing. That's what we do. We rally. Together. I thank God we were not damaged. We did not lose lives. We just lost crap. And it's a good thing to lose crap. God taps you on the shoulder and tells you to clean up your life. You listen. At least, that's my philosophy right now. Rosie thanks you all for your emails and prayers and good wishes. I appreciate your thoughts and I love you for strengthening me. I need this. I need energy to sustain. I have so much more work to do cleaning up this mess. And my energy is being sucked Send more, my friends. Rosie thanks you.


Lori K said...

Sending energy and hugs

Dogmama13 said...

We are sending our canine and human energy vibes! Hugs too! Mr. H is a keeper and it's nice to have good service from the gas folks.

Marilyn said...

You know, I had wondered about those gas tanks when you were showing your hurricane preparedness. Guess I didn't wish them tied down harder. Glad you are cooking with gas again.

Thank you. I'll be here all week, folks.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Thank you, my friends.
I need all the energy I can get now.

Something is awry in my aura.