Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Shrooms In My Yard.

We've had about 5 days of nothing but rain, rain, and ... did I mention rain? I'm not complaining. I like rain. As a result, we have roving marauding rival gangs of mosquitoes terrorizing the neighborhood. I've never seen mosquitoes this bad. And we have colossal mushrooms.
This is a new one for me.
Hmmmm. I wonder if these are edible. Maybe I should whip up some for Mr. Hawthorne and find out. Oh, Mr. Hawthorne? I have a lovely appetizer for you to try. It's crab meat stuffed mushrooms. Come! Do try.
I've never seen mushrooms this big before. Just how big, you ask?
It's nice to have a shady place to park.

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