Friday, September 2, 2011

This Is What Summer Looks Like.

I've been saving this post for a month now. I'm posting it now because I needed a happy post. I'm sick of Hurricane Irene. And I'm sure you're sick of my clean up efforts.
This wonderful picture is from Lea. It's her daughter, Gillian.
The title to this post is, "This Is What Summer Looks Like." Indeed it is, Lea. Lea has twins, and a blog, The Adventures of Alpha And Omega, in which she chronicles the life of her family, starting with the births of Colin and Gillian.
Only two of the cutest and most beautiful children I've ever seen.
I have one of those summer pictures myself. Except I didn't shoot it. I'm assuming Sister In Law Hawthorne did, 'cause I can't see Brother Hawthorne carrying a camera or taking a picture. Here it is:
These are two of my great-nieces. This is summer to me. This is neat, because I used to play in that same creek when I was their ages. At Daddy Hawthorne's farm. This is two generations down from me, doing the same stuff I did. And loving it. Some things don't change. Thank goodness.


Lea said...

Thanks, Rosie! So glad we could help cheer you up. I've been following your hurricane adventures. So glad it wasn't worse, but sure hoped it would be better!

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Thank you, Lea. I've "known you" since the kiddos were in utero and I've loved following the Uhl's adventures on the blog. It's always uplifting to me and a happy spot to come to.

BTW, my family has a bunch of Lea's.