Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mosquito Control. Help Is On The Way!

Since Irene, I've spent most of my time outside in the yard cleaning up. My only regret is not buying any stock in whatever companies, Cutter, Off, etc., that produce mosquito repellants. The mosquitoes are horrific. I especially hate the little buggers when they fly up my nostrils. I have welts and claw marks on my legs and arms and I'm usually bleeding somewhere at any time from the scratching which I'm not even aware I'm doing. Relief is in sight! According to The Outer Banks Voice, if weather conditions permit, an aerial assault on mosquitoes will start today at 6:30 PM. Proper conditions include winds less than 15 MPH and visibility of 1000 feet. The two planes hired, one from Pensacola, Florida, and the other from Greenville, Mississippi, will fly at an altitude of 300 feet. About 50,000 acres will be sprayed from Southern Shores to Hatteras. "If you’re outside when the plane is going by, don’t look up,” Dare County Vector Control Supervisor, Carl Walker, advised.


SweetPhyl said...

Rosie, I hear reposrts of real live ALLIGATORS being spotted in the canals of Colington. Me, I think they're just water logged skeeters--you know them post hurricane skeeters are HUGE!

Rosie Hawthorne said...

I have heard the same reports, Phyl. I've yet to see one though, but when I do, Imonna take him out, gut him, make fried "chicken bites" (You know they "taste like chicken.") and make me a new pair of boots. Alligators belong on my feet, not in my stomach.