Monday, September 12, 2011

Lunch In Manteo At La Cabana.

Mr. Hawthorne and I took a trip to Manteo the other week and tried out a fairly new restaurant - La Cabana, located where the old Saul's Barbecue used to be. La Cabana is a family-oriented restaurant serving affordable home-style Latin food from Central America.
Here are the specials the day we went.
Appetizers, salads, soups, and sides.
And an extensive collection of entrees.
Warm tortilla chips and fresh salsa were immediately brought to our table.
Mr. Hawthorne ordered a tamale - soft masa dough encasing a filling of chicken, tiny carrots and peas, potatoes, and topped with cheese and pico de gallo. It came with a choice of soups and Mr. Hawthorne ordered the shrimp chowder. The shrimp chowder was excellent. Mr. Hawthorne was impressed. He got a big bite of shrimp in every spoonful. Plus, he was inspired to make his own shrimp chowder. Lucky for you, since that recipe will be forthcoming.
I ordered the chimichanga (My new favorite word. But you have to overly enunciate it just right.) with beef, served with a chimichurri sauce on top, with sides of refried beans, yellow rice, a tomato, pepper, lettuce, and onion salad with sour cream and a delicious fried plantain.
I love authentic food and this is the real deal. We'll be back.

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