Thursday, September 8, 2011

Aftermath Of Irene.

Please read this article, How I Spent My Summer Evacuation, from Island Free Press. Just to give you a hint of what goes on south of us.


Anonymous said...

How do you think the county will ever convince anyone to leave the next time?

Marion said...

Incredible article. Reminded me of when you evacuated with infant daughter H., Rosie the dog, and maybe Annie the cat, and said, "Never again".

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Anony, they haven't convinced me in years. I don't listen to them anyway.
I watch the storm and make the decision myself.
The county is only covering their own ass.

Marion, that was in 1985 right after we first moved here in 84. We were new and just did not know at the time. The hype of TWC. The constant err on the side of safety.

It's always crying wolf.

When I see a wolf coming, you can be sure my ass will be outta here.

Otherwise, I'm staying here to take care of my property.

Now, if I lived on Hatteras or Ocracoke, that's a whole different ballgame. I'd hate leaving, not knowing what's happening to my home, and then being unable to get home. That's devastating to me.

This is just a small part of my irritation with the media. They flail in the wind on the beach. This is plain idiotic. Yes, we know the ocean stirs up in a hurricane.

Gee, I didn't see one media person in Hatteras. Go figger.

Why don't you come over to this neck of the woods - soundside and canalside. Watch the water rising at an alarming rate and watch it start bubbling into your home. Watch it rise 3 feet on the ground floor. Watch your pots and pans stored downstairs float in the muck. Open the forgotten box of your mother's and grandmother's cookbooks with handwritten notes and all the 3 x 5 index cards in the little metal boxes with your mother's recipes. Find that forgotten box of your 16 x 20 photographs from 30+ years ago you brought back from your mother's home. Look at the damage to our homes and our beautiful gardens. Look at the piles and piles of debris littering our streets. Look at all my neighbors who lost their cars. Look at the people who live here and are the soul of this place. Look at the powers that be that allow tourists back onto our fragile strip of land before we've had a chance to clean up our homes. And these people still need to go to work if their work is still there. And the tourists are allowed in and start calling the rental companies bitching because their rental home is a mess.

Better yet TWC, stay on the damn beach. You seem to take great pleasure in our destruction and despair. We don't want you here.