Saturday, September 10, 2011

Dixie Has Fun With Glowria. In The Pool.

Things are getting back to normal. Took a while to get the pool back in order what with all the canal washover, but I did. Might as well tell you about this incident which happened a while back. I'd vacuumed the pool and had the chemistry somewhat in order and Dixie wanted to jump in. I secured her pool noodle/poodle noodle on her hindquarters and she excitedly launched in. Immediately, I could tell something was wrong. She sort of slowly listed over on her left side and was obviously in some sort of distress. I yelled for help upstairs and thankfully Daughter Hawthorne was the only cognizant 2-legged creature upstairs who came down to help me. We got Dixie out of the pool and she was unable to stand. Her back legs were quivering sticks and she was standing in a "low pee" position, although not urinating. Always a plus. I was holding her body and talking to her and crying and Daughter Hawthorne was there. I thought my Dixie was stroking and dying. I don't remember how long I held Dixie and I don't remember how Daughter Hawthorne and I got her up the steps from the pool to upstairs. Somehow, we got her inside and I got her blankie. Then, for some reason, she wanted to go from our first floor kitchen/living room upstairs to the bedrooms. She's never done that. Giada and Daughter Hawthorne and her friend, Ash, were upstairs. DH and I helped her up the steps, basically holding her rear end, and I fixed a nice bathroom mat and warm towel for her. She lied down there and seemed comfortable, so I ran downstairs to leave a tearful and urgent message on my vet's answering machine. On Thursday evening. Rosie was frantic. About an hour later, a garden friend came in, Dixie, still upstairs, heard who it was, and immediately ran downstairs to greet her friend. Jumping like a young colt. The next morning, I got the callback from my vet and explained that everything seemed OK. Was told it sounded like a "pinched nerve." So after all that Weather Channel HYPE, let me show you pictures of my baby Dixie, once again enjoying the pool and having a wonderful and happy time.
This is TODAY!
Dixie is ecstatic to be in the pool again. She's missed it so. She has a smile on her face and she has her Flying Nun Ears. And she loves her noodle! It allows her to take leisurely laps around the pool and enjoy her swimming once again, instead of fighting to get to the shallow end where she could touch bottom and be safe.
Glow came over to swim with Dixie today and fun was had by all.
Dixie's noodle has given her such confidence and comfort.
She's a happy swimmer now. Not a struggling, vertical one. She's horizontal once again.
After about a four hour nap, Dixie woke up and played with one of the rolled-up bones she hates. She's a puppy again!

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