Saturday, September 10, 2011

Good Night, Irene. Rosie Performs An Exorcism.

I really need to let this Irene bitch go, because she's sucking the life outta me.
Irene, good night. Johnny Horton. Good night Irene, from Johnny Cash. Irene, Good night. I'll see you in my dreams. Willie Nelson. Irene, Good Night, Irene Irene Good Night. Tom Waits for no one. Good night, Irene. Lead Belly. Good NIGHT, Irene. Eric Clapton. IRENE, Good night. The Weavers. Irene, GOOD NIGHT. Pete Seeger. Irene, Goodnight. See you in my dreams too. Nat King Cole. Nitey nite, Irene. Mississippi John Hunt. Goodnight! The Frankster.

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