Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Rosie's December Garden.

Hello, my Friends.
I had to take a break from baking.
Please join me in appreciating the small stuff.
 Welcome to Rosie's December Garden.
It's December 9 and the temperatures are in the 60's.

Three days ago, the temp was 81° here.

 It's a Froggy Morning!

 One of the most perfect roses is Mister Lincoln.
I love it.
The petals, the shape, the color...
all perfect.

 My gaillardia/blanket flower is thriving.
Notice the dead heads.
They'll self-seed all over the place.

 Yellow makes me happy.

 Yellow Creeping Jennie in foreground.
Assorted larkspur seedlings of unknown coloration.
Fatsia Japonica blooming in the background.

 Purple/blue larkspur in foreground -earliest blooming yet.
They usually wait until February and March to flower
and by April they're about 6 feet tall
and come in pinks, blues, whites, lilacs, and purples.
White salvia blooms in the middle.

Rosie always has something blooming and doing!

I saw Brutus the BullFrog in my whiskey barrel last Friday!

On Friday, when the temperature was in the 80s,
Middle Hawthorne released Lizzie-the-Anole.

The Hawthorne Boys found Lizzie on the deck two weeks ago.
It was a very cold and windy day.
Poor lizard was weak and near frozen
 and a distressed brown in color.

They brought her inside and placed her on my indoor plants
that are in front of the sliding glass door..
Lizzie relaxed and turned a happy, calm green.
She camouflaged extremely well.
She lived on my indoor plants for 2 weeks.
For feedings, Lizzie had a container with small crickets.

I'm sure she's thriving outside now.


zzzadig said...

1/2" snow, going to be 19 tonight.

Marilyn said...

8" of snow and 10 degrees tonight. More snow expected this weekend. Bah humbug!

Rosie Hawthorne said...

zzzadig and Mar, I feel your pain. Except not. I like snow. But then, I don't have any. Sniff.