Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Getting closer.

Cabinet fronts were installed Tuesday, October 9. And they look mahhvelous.

Electricians are here now to hook everything up. Gas man was here earlier to hook up gas line to stove.
Dishwasher is ready and garbage disposal is ready.

We need to get Plumber back. He made a small error in hooking up the water line to the ice maker and fridge. We told him all the original pipes in this house were copper and to hook off the copper pipes. Instead, he hooked off a plastic pipe that's the drain for the upstairs water heater. So I have no water to fridge and no ice maker. Still waiting for him to show up and fix things.

I also need the extra stainless steel that goes from the range backsplash up to the hood.

Things are looking good.

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