Thursday, July 30, 2009

Breakfast In Danville.

Mr. Hawthorne and I always like to have breakfast before we head back for the 5-hour trip home. Most restaurants are in the opposite direction from the way we're heading, but this is the only one not out of the way. It's actually right down the street from Maxine's so we thought we'd give it a try.
I kinda liked the construction paper eggs, bacon, sausage, and what appears to be pancakes.
And what's not to like about Suzie's butt can?
Here's the menu in case any one wants to check out Suzie's.
Mr. Hawthorne liked the frog motif behind where I was sitting. He took the picture.
My breakfast: whole wheat toast, Kathy hash browns sunny side up egg bacon
Mr. Hawthorne's breakfast: whole wheat toast eggs over medium corned beef hash sausage biscuit Mr. Hawthorne, when ordering, happened to look back in the kitchen and saw a huge tray of biscuits which were obviously homemade. "Are those homemade biscuits?" The hair-netted woman, whom I assumed to be Suzie, spat out, "Of course they are!" Heh. Not a bad breakfast at all. It's hard to screw up breakfast, although I've seen it done. Mr. Hawthorne also ordered a side of grits. They came with some sort of packaged non-butter spread that didn't even melt on the hot grits. It just stayed on top of the grits in a jaundiced lump, mocking me. I believe it's chemical composition might have been one molecule away from plastic or rubber. Don't know what it was but won't be trying it again.

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