Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Hawthorne Puppies.

Thank you to all who've sent me messages and healing thoughts for Junior.
As you can see, Junior's resting comfortably with Dixie here. And Dixie is actually allowing contact.
Here are Beau and Junior and Beau just has to rub it in.
Dixie, Junior, and Beau. Giada was in Daughter Hawthorne's bed.
Then Giada came out to spend some time with Junior.
Dixie likes to go back in the hall way
to get away from everyone. Sometimes it works.
Sometimes it doesn't. Giada and Beau playing nicely.
Bo-Bo is smiling.
Beau and Junior chilling on the cool tile, waiting for Middle and Youngest Hawthornes.
Dixie tolerating Beau in her personal space.
And here are some videos of the puppies being puppies. Enjoy.

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Debbie said...

I just love your pictures. I am such a sucker for dogs.....