Monday, July 6, 2009

Rosie Checks Out The Sand Sculpture At Kitty Hawk Sports.

I read in the paper the other day about the Second Annual Outer Banks Sandsculpture Festival. Or did Xmaskatie inform me about this event? Well, she'll let me know if she did. I never even knew about the First Annual Festival.
I immediately thought: Blog Fodder. So, on Friday, after Youngest Hawthorne and I had sadly dropped Junior off for his "appointment" at 9AM, we had planned to go to breakfast and then go see the sandsculpture. Breakfast was a bust. We went by several places and they were all packed,
as in lines outside, so we gave up on that idea and headed home to eat. But first ... Sandsculpture at Kitty Hawk Sports' parking lot. I believe this is 50 tons of sand in the parking lot. The sculpture was created by a professional team - Team Sandtastic. Please check out their website above. They do have some fantastic sculptures. Here's the one on the Outer Banks. It's supposed to have a "Woodstock" theme and the businesses sculpted would be sponsors of this event.
I don't get the frogs.
I must admit, this frog disturbed me.
This was all very nice and good
but I was a bit underwhelmed.
I am easily underwhelmed though. Well, this is only the 2nd Annual Sandsculpting Festival. And I totally missed the 1st Annual Sandsculpting Festival. 1st Annual Anything Festival. What an ambitious idea: 1st Annual Anything.
We'll just have to wait to see the 3rd Annual Sandsculpting Festival at Kitty Hawk Sports which is, ironically, in Nags Head.
Here's a pretty flag with Jockey's Ridge, touted to be the largest, natural sand dune on the East Coast, in the background. Does anyone know of any unnatural sand dunes on the East Coast?


Kathy said...

You should come up during the East Coast Sand Sculpting Championship here. Whenever it is. Oh, I think it's in October. I put up pictures on my blog late last year. You wouldn't be underwhelmed.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Please let me know when.

And I've seen the pics.

I'll just drag Mr. H. up there and we can have fun!

Anonymous said...

About the frog:

Rosie Hawthorne said...

I still don't get the frogs.