Friday, July 24, 2009

Mr. Hawthorne Makes Another Delicious Shrimp Stir Fry.

Sunday night, Mr. Hawthorne made another shrimp stir fry. He's getting quite good at this. The Master has taught him well.
He chopped up a green pepper from my garden and a red onion. Generally, I don't cook red onions. I like red onions raw. They have a sweet, mild flavor in the raw state that I prefer to white or yellow onions. And when cooked, they lose their beautiful bright red color. When I stir fry, I always use a white or yellow onion, cut into wedges, with a sprinkling of sugar to take the bite out. But I was all out of yellow onions. So Mr. H. used a red onion.
First, he sauteed his green pepper and red onion for a few seconds.
Then added in his shrimp.
And some water chestnuts for a nice crunch.
He cooked until the shrimp was just done.
A little sweet chili sauce on top gave it a nice kick in flavor. Another light, satisfying, tasty meal.

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