Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tuesday Night Steak And Stir Fry.

Youngest Hawthorne arrived at home
about 5:15 the other afternoon.
Mama, are you cooking dinner tonight?
Why do they ask me this?
I always have dinner.
I need something now.
I can't wait.
He can't wait 45 minutes for dinner. He had to have something to tide him over.
So I boiled some rotini.
Here it is, drained and steaming.
I added some freshly ground salt and pepper
and some buttah.
While it was still hot,
Mr. Hawthorne grated some Il Villagio Parmesan cheese over top.
I had some pesto left from a few days ago
when I made the pesto pizza for all the Xmaskaties.
And Mr. Hawthorne forked the
greeny, herby, nutty, cheesy goodness of the
pesto into the pasta.
The lovely thing about rotini pasta
is that the shape of the pasta
holds the sauce or pesto or whatever you add to it in the little grooves.
Youngest Hawthorne ate the entire bowl, then was ready for dinner in 45 minutes. I love pasta with homemade pesto. It's one of my comfort foods. Now that Youngest Hawthorne has been nourished and can actually make it to his next meal without passing out, I'm starting on the real meal for tonight.
I tell you, this is one hungry crowd
at the Hawthorne household.
And it seems like I'm always in the kitchen
preparing, cooking, and serving.
And once I finish cleaning up,
it's time for another shift,
since the Hawthornelets are in and out
throughout the day.
For dinner Tuesday night,
everyone was in the same place at the same time,
so Mr. Hawthorne grilled a flat iron steak and a filet mignon
and I stir fried vegetables and baked potatoes.
Filet mignon in the back.
Flat iron in the front.
We buy the whole tenderloins
when they're on sale
(I think these were $7.99/pound),
slice them into individual steaks,
and vacuum pack them.
The flat iron we found mismarked
for hamburger meat,
so we got a good deal on that too.
Just some freshly ground salt and pepper
and the room temperature meat is ready for the grill.
Perfectly rare.
My veggies:
chopped peppers
And onion wedges.
While Mr. Hawthorne was grilling,
I did a quick stir fry of the veggies.
I heated my wok,
added in a few tablespoons of oil
(I used canola oil. I prefer peanut oil
but a gallon of that is $26 down here
so no peanut oil for me.),
and added a few garlic cloves.
Broccoli went in first
since that takes the longest.
I stir fried this maybe 20-30 seconds
before ...
... adding in the celery ...
... and the peppers ...
... and the onion.
Toss and stir for about a minute.
And when I stir fry broccoli
I always like to add a tablespoon of sugar.
I find that the sweetness of the sugar
balances the flavor of the broccoli.
I had a little bit of the sauce
and a few vegetables from
the shrimp stir fry the other night,
so that got added in.
Just heat through and the stir fry is ready.
I love all the colors.
I baked the potatoes until tender.
And I chopped some chives, parsley, and dill
for toppings.
With a sprig of basil.
If you haven't tried a flat iron steak,
you're really missing out on a tender, juicy,
extremely flavorful cut of meat.
The freshness of the herbs was a wonderful
addition to the potatoes, along with buttah of course.
And the veggies were crisp colorful bites
of flavor and crunch.


Marilyn said...

You are a much nicer mom than I am, Rosie. I'm afraid your children would starve to death at my house!

Hairball T. Hairball said...

"Mama, are you cooking dinner tonight?"

Hell no! We are eating at _________.

Fill in the blank with the name of the worst place in town.