Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Hawthornes Have Tuna Steaks For Lunch.

Mr. Hawthorne picked up some tuna steaks the other day for grilling. He says he's not all that fond of tuna, but I love it when it's done correctly, which is not often unless I do it myself. Restaurants consistently over cook it and it turns out dry, tough, and tasteless with a terrible texture.
Mr. Hawthorne likes to marinate his tuna overnight, but if cooked properly, no marinade is needed. His marinade ingredients: 60% Balsamic vinegar 40% apple cider vinegar (Fill up to the vinegar line on the cruet.) water (Up to the water line.) Canola oil to fill the cruet onion powder granulated garlic salt and pepper 1 tsp. Italian seasoning
I'm doing the stir fry vegetables while Mr. H. grills the tuna. I have carrots, mushrooms, celery, and onions.
And I made a really simple, flavorful sauce for the tuna: melted butter lemon juice capers Now to the stir fry:
Mushrooms first, until browned.
Then I added the carrots ...
... the celery ...
... and the onions ...
I added in a tablespoon of sugar for good measure.
Stir fried for about 30 seconds and it's done.
The tuna steaks look wonderful on the outside with the cross-hatching.
Errr ... Mr. Hawthorne? You overcooked the tuna.
I like my tuna pink to reddish in the middle. Cooked medium rare to rare, the texture is lovely and it's like eating fillet mignon. Still, not bad. Next time, I'll cook the tuna though. The veggies were crisp and crunchy and the caper/butter/lemon sauce perfectly complemented the (overcooked) tuna. Just a very nice combination of flavors.

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Anonymous said...

OMFG Rosie...I think Mr. Hawthorne & Mr Hearden are fish cooking twins! Everytime we do tuna steaks on the grill I tell him 2 minutes on one side, same on the other & he NEVER listens to me. We both like our tuna rare...just seared on the outside & a bit warmish in the middle. Funny stuff.

Ange in the WI