Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Enjoy The Hawthorne Puppies. Only Four More Weeks.

Enjoy the Hawthorne Puppies. In a mere four weeks, they go back to higher edumacation. Thank you, Jesus. Here are Giada and Junior doing what they do. Only 4 more weeks and I will be deprived of this pleasure. And deprived of the Hawthornelets' company and companionship and utter joy to be around. It has been my pleasure to serve and wait on you hand and foot lo these many weeks. I went upstairs Saturday night and found this menage a trois in my boudoir: Sweet dreams all.


dle1004 said...

...tell the truth you know you are going to miss those babies!! (and the kids too!) Do all the kids go to same schools or are the dogs going to suffer separation anxiety?

Marilyn said...

The doggies know who loves them.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

dle, Giada and Junior live together with Daughter and Youngest Hawthorne.
Beau will be with Middle Hawthorne in another town.

Kathy said...

Only 4 more weeks until I can visit you again, huh?

dle1004 said...

...Ok Giada and Junior play so much I wouldn't them to be lonely...Poor Beau...But Dixie will be Happy!!!

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Kathy, you can come anytime. You can have my room, and I will sleep on the couch.

dle, Giada and Junior will continue to do what they do.

Beau will be fine. He's an indoor dog, OK by himself, although he always "plays well with others."

Dixie does NOT "play well with others" and she'll probably pout and be very bitchy at me for some time.

BTW, Dixie's 11th birthday is today.