Sunday, April 13, 2008

My Poor Toe. Ouch.

Thanks for asking.
My toe is doing much better today.
I can actually walk with just a slight limp.
Hardly noticeable.
However, I'm unable to go on my walks with
Glowria and Dixie for a few more days.
But, not to worry.
I come from hearty peasant stock and will bounce back soon.

Mr. Hawthorne says I'm going to lose that nail.
I'll be sure to take pictures and blog it for everyone.

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Anonymous said...

Just yuck. You DO NOT put ugly toe pics on a food blog. Just yuck.
Not that your toes are ugly or anything, but, uhhhh, that is one M-F-ing-UGLY-LOOKING-TOE! Again, ugly toe pic does NOT equal good food blog.
Just my 2 cents. And you owe me a nickel.

Anonymous said...

Did I miss the part about what happened to your little piggie?

Anonymous said...

I must add, it better be a REALLY good story about your injured little piggie, do not even THINK about a "I just stubbed it" story. WILL. NOT. FLY. HERE.
Your fans await a response. xoxo.