Thursday, April 3, 2008

Rosie's Deviled Eggs.

I decided to make deviled aigs today.
Now, I know, I know. I could easily have gotten in my truck, spent $10 on gas to go to the groshry shtore and buy pre-boiled aigs, but no.
I wanted to go to the monkey business of actually cooking my own aigs. Call me crazy.

I covered the aigs with water, put the pan over medium high heat, brought the water to a boil, cut the heat off, put the lid on, and let the aigs set, covered, for 20-30 minutes.

And ... we have perfectly cooked aigs.

I scooped the yolks out and got my ingredients together: mayo, gray poupon Dijon mustard, sweet pickle relish, and my secret ingredient - my mustard emulsion.

I added 3-4 TB mayo, a TB of Dijon,
and a TB or two of the relish.
Mix until smooth. Add salt and pepper.

I started spooning the yolk mixture into the aig halves, when all of a sudden, I had one of those WTF am I doing? moments.

Rosie slaps forehead.

I just had the most f'ntastic idea. So f'ntastic, in fact, that you simply will not believe the genius of it.

Now, jes lemme tell you wacha gonna do. INto a baggie, scoop the yolk mixture. Now, get this. (I'm so excited!) Take some scissors and make a small cut in the corner of the baggie.

And PIPE the mixture INto each aig white!

Am I not the SMARTEST THING ON THE BLOCK?????!!!!???

Pipe away!
And take ALL the credit!
Pretty smart for a girl, huh?

Then simply toss the baggie in the trash.

Super simple!

Now, here are my lovely aigs, with the piped-in yolk mixture. I topped them with chopped smoked red peppers, chopped green onions, and chopped parsley.

And I spooned my Mustard Emulsion Secret Ingredient INto a baggie.

The mustard mixture is just 4 TB Dijon mustard and 4 TB vegetable broth mixed together with 6-8 TB olive oil whisked in.
This keeps, refrigerated, forever, and is good on so many things.

Pipe the mustard emulsion ONto the aigs.

Isn't this pretty?

Remember, keep it simple,
keep it sweet,
and keep it with baggies!

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