Monday, April 14, 2008

Toe Picture.

Geeze Louize. I've never gotten so much flak as I have by posting the picture of my toe. Wazza matter wid you guys? Telephone calls, emails, comments... You're wussies!!! I say... Wussies!!!! It's a TOE, people. A BRUISED TOE. "OH," but you say, "It's a FOOD BLOG." "Your toe doesn't belong on it." Well yes and no. It is a food blog, but it's also about me. And my life is about more than food. For crying out loud, I didn't videotape a freakin' BIRTH. I shot a picture of my friggin' FOOT. Now, HEAR THIS: If I get any more complaints about a picture of a slightly bruised toe, I will IMMEDIATELY post post-op pics of my umbilical hernia surgery. Pictures that show my distended, swollen belly, purple, blue, and red, with a three inch long infected incision scar. "OH, " Dear Sister disgustedly says, "Why on EARTH would you shoot THAT? You didn't did you?" Yes, Sister Dear, I did. It's called DOCUMENTATION. In case I died from complications of the surgery. I document EVERYTHING. SHEESH. Cease and Desist.
P.S. Since xmaska ... oh sorry ... "anonymous" wants to know the story behind the injury, here it is: Mr. Hawthorne and I were practicing our Kung Fu Fighting when I mis-led with my foot and hit his jawbone. He didn't duck fast enough. My extended toe hit and boom. Pain soared up through my leg, then through my torso, then my eardrums exploded. It made quite a mess. I'm still cleaning up the living area. The fact that Youngest Hawthorne left a 35-pound weight on the bathroom floor when I went in to pee in the middle of the night IN THE DARK had nothing whatsoever to do with the injury.


Unknown said...

kung fu fighting...that's more like it.

Wonder Schwermin said...

Rock on Rosie! It's your blog, if you want to post your post op pictures, your bloody toe, or Mr. Hawthorne Kung Fu fighting, I say DO IT!

(And a pox on weights on the floor...)

Wonder Schwermin said...

(dude, you have pictures of mummified rodents on your homepage and people are yappin' about the toe pictures?)

Anonymous said...

Toe, schmoe. And what on earth was your son doing with a weight in the bathroom. Oh wait I know -- flexing in the mirror!