Saturday, April 19, 2008

Little Critters.

Mr. Hawthorne was out on the deck today
and brought my attention to this little lizard - an anole.

So, I decided to get up and personal with the little critter.

Years ago, I think when Middle Hawthorne was 7 or 8, he collected about 7 or so anoles in the fall and put them in an aquarium in which he had made a lovely little bio-sphere for the lizards.
Every week, throughout the winter, I had to go to the pet store to buy CRICKETS to feed the anoles. He overwintered the anoles, they survived with full bellies, and in the spring, Middle Hawthorne released them all.

I'm thinking this is one of Middle Hawthorne's anoles' offspring.


Marilyn said...

Ah, I love little lizards...and amphibians. Well, I love everything but males...

Rosie Hawthorne said...

My, but you're bitter today. PMS'ing?

Marilyn said...

Why, yes. How could you tell?