Thursday, April 17, 2008

More Of Rosie's Flowers.

I took a little stroll through the the garden this morning and thought I'd share some pictures with you. And yes, xmaskatie, in case you were wondering, I did have to wear protective gear because of the hordes of hummingbirds following me everywhere and literally assaulting me. They can be quite aggressive little buggers, as you well know.

This clump of petunias lasted through the winter.
Purple verbena in the background.

My bachelor buttons self seed every year and they're just starting to bloom.

I love my purple and yellow irises.

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Unknown said...

Let me know when you need to thin your irises, I'd love some of the yellow and light purple ones. I've got some spotted yellow and some light purple bearded irises I'll share with you, came from a farm around here, planted over 100 years ago, some were given to me last year, and they are beautiful, and have doubled in quantity. Could they be called heirloom?