Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sandra Lee's Phloral Kraft Video.

Ticky and I were very excited yesterday to sit down and watch Sandy's two videos.
The first one, Kurtain Kraft, unfortunately looked like this:

Maybe it will work on a different VCR. One can only hope. The second one, Floral Kraft, was quite enjoyable and entertaining. And thanks to Carol for generously sending me the videos.

Ticky and I were all atwitter with excitement.
And thank you Ticky for taking the pictures.

Check out the pre-tweeked, pre-botoxed, pre-new-and-"improved" Sandra.
Even the "girls" are at a respectable level.

Here's a rather coy Sandy explaining her floral system.
I know the Fandras have got to be scratching their heads on this one,
'cause Ticky and I sure were.

It was starting to sound like a Chinese menu:
Take one from Column A, then 1 from column B ...

It appears even Sandy is having a tough time reading her instructions, which were starting to sound a bit like Semi-Ho Rocket Science.

Here's Sandy's faux window.
Just what we all need.

And her faux window with a window box.
Isn't this absolutely darling?

Wouldn't you know Floral Kraft uses Krystals.

Ticky got several particularly flattering pictures of Sandra.

And my favorite- Sandra practicing her Diana pose.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for confirming that neither her nose nor her boobs are original parts. Just as I suspected...

Anonymous said...

wow those pictures are so telling!! She doesnt look anything what she looks like today! I wish the pictures were a little more clear though. where did you get those?

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Hi, Anony. A "friend" sent me the Phloral Kraft video. I shot the pics off the TV screen. That's why they're not clear.