Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Hawthorne Puppies And Kitty Get Together!

Thursday night,
Daughter Hawthorne happily surprised me by coming home. She doesn't travel lightly. She had Giada and Dogwood in tow.
Here are Giada and Junior getting reacquainted. They used to live together and haven't seen each other since Christmas.
This is Rosie and Dogwood getting reacquainted. Alert, slightly stressed Dogwood.
Junior, using his demasculated wiles, to lure Dogwood into bed with him.
And it worked. I just yawned when I looked at this picture. Junior is posing. Mid-afternoon sun. Giada in the front. Dogwood in the back. Dogwood relaxing. I love this picture and these colors.
I shot this picture on automatic. Since the camera was aiming at the bright light, the flash didn't come on.
This is the same light situation as the above, but I used fill-in flash. Cute little sleepy kitty. Sweet, soft Giada.

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