Tuesday, March 9, 2010

More Hawthorne Puppies!

It's Sunday night and another little Hawthorne Puppy comes home to the fold. Middle Hawthorne is home for spring break.
And immediately Beau's Nose is firmly implanted in between Dixie's buttocks. Giada and Daughter Hawthorne just left and Junior was feeling a tad sad, but not to worry, Junior. You've got Beau to play with now.
Poor Dixie. Go to your happy place, Dixie. Serenity Now!
Beau looks guilty.
Junior and Beau have been successful in tearing apart Dixie's toys.
Junior's all tuckered out after playing hard and keeping up with the big boys.
Junior has discovered that if he bounces up and down like this a few times, the door will magically open.
Beau. Heh. He's wishin' in his dogggie mind for the door to open.
Play time on the deck.
Junior likes to "dance." Dixie wants a treat because Junior danced.

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Marilyn said...

Poor, poor Dixie.