Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pot Roast - Part II.

If you recall, in the Hawthorne Household, we don't have leftovers. We have moreovers.
You can tell by the bouillon cubes that Mr. Hawthorne is doing this one. I would've used cans of stock. I would not have used my beef consomme. That stuff's just to good to use when a stock or even bouillon will serve. Just remember you won't need to add in any additional salt.
Here's last night's chuck roast dinner.
Mr. Hawthorne diced some potatoes and added them to the pot.
Then some diced carrots joined the potatoes.
And now it's a party with frozen green peas.
Mr. Hawthorne chops up a heirloom tomato from Harris Teeter. And of course, we saved the seeds for planting. I actually have inch and a half tall tomato seedlings in my plastic egg cartons I get at Harris Teeter.
Oooh. I missed the frozen corn going in.
If you wanted to add celery, do so. There is no "recipe" for this. Butter beans? Lima beans? By all means, go right ahead.
More tomato going in. And Mr. Hawthorne painstakingly removing the seeds. This was February 28.
And here are those seeds March 6.
Mr. Hawthorne cuts last night's meat into the pot.
His secret ingredient: about a cup of V8.
A few shakes of Texas Pete.
And it's soup!
Oh lookey there. Mr. Hawthorne sneaked in some celery after all when I wasn't looking.
This soup hit the spot.
Nothing fancy. Just simple, plain good eats.


Debbie said...

And I thought part one was good...the sequal was even better! (I love soup)

zzzadig said...

Now for part three you can saute garlic and mushrooms, add some soup, add some red wine and serve over sliced Tuscan bread. French farmer fare.