Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dinner At The Xmaskaties'. I Love It When De Menfolk Cook: Teil Zwei.

Wednesday night, we were back at the Xmaskaties'. And Mr. Xmaskatie was cooking again.
First, a little appetizer. Grilled sausage.
I loved this sausage and it's local. It's Griffin's hot fresh sausage from Williamston, available at the Piggly Wiggly.
The mustard was exceptional.
We finished the first mustard and Mr. Xmaskatie brought out a second, equally delicious mustard. No, I think I liked the second mustard better. It seemed to be a tad more complicated in flavor.
This is the new tube of mustard. I uncapped it and reached for a toothpick to pierce the foil covering so I could squirt it out. Mr. Xmaskatie quickly stopped me.
The cap has a built in piercer. Gotta love that German engineering.
Xmaskatie made a lovely salad with lettuce, spinach, green pepper, apple,
carrot, and cheeses.
Cheddar, parmesan, and apple slices.
Mr. Xmaskatie grilled a wonderful bone-in rib eye. He seared it for 5 minutes each side over hot coals then moved it to indirect heat until done.
When I asked, "How long?"
I got this: 2" thick, maybe 20 min, but can't go by time, too many factors on outdoor grilling, wind, heat, drinking, he tests doneness based on feel.
Mr. Xmaskatie brandishing his weapons.
More brandishing of weapons.
Xmaskatie brandishing her weapons.
Mr. Xmaskatie starts slicing.
Here's my salad with pickled cucumber, Balsamic vinegar, and olive oil.
Slice of rib eye, white rice, and bean mixture with enchilada sauce.
Another exceptional meal. Thank you, again, Xmaskaties.
Finesse is everything.
Love the pinky, Mr. Xmaskatie.