Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Crown Of The Taste Of The Beach - The Expo. Part 1.

Tonight, Sunday, March 14, Mr. Hawthorne and I headed out to the Taste of the Beach EXPO.
In 2008, the Crowning Glory of The Taste of the Beach - the EXPO, was held at Kelly's Restaurant. It was packed. In 2009, the EXPO was held at the Hilton Garden. That was packeder. But at least I got to hang with Paris and Nicole and we're BFF's now. This year, the EXPO was held at Pamlico Jack's, which is in the old Penguin Isle Restaurant in South Nags Head. Speaking of Penguin Isle, allow me to digress. Years ago, (Was it '93?) Xmaskatie was living with the Hawthornes. A nine-month labor of love for all of us. Of course, Xmaskatie being Xmaskatie, knew and still knows anyone everywhere. (She's a valuable source of information for just about anything.) Well, back to Penguin Isle. They had a recipe on the local cable channel we wanted to try: Black Bean Tequila Cakes. I'm sure cilantro and lime zest would have been involved. If not, then they should have been. And perhaps a cumin scented creme fraiche with minced jalapeno. Ah ... The cook in me comes out. But I digress during my digression. Back to the Black Bean Tequila Cakes. Xmaskatie and I were on a quest. Mr. Hawthorne was along for the drive. Or rather to drive us. Xmaskatie knew the manager and the chefs and, no doubt, the bathroom attendants, at Penguin Isle. Soon we were off on our way to procure the recipe. I can't remember why it couldn't be given over the phone. I guess the chefs were busy. Why not FAX? What was the deal there, Xmaskatie? We stop at the liquor store for the tequila. We get to Penguin Isle and pick up the recipe. And we head home to recreate this amazing dish we'd seen on Penguin Isle's ad. Xmaskatie, was it Penguin Isle or Windmill Point? Anyways, bottom line, we get home and start taking salt licks, tequila shots, and desperate lime bites. Xmaskatie and Mr. Hawthorne start preparing the bean patties and I'm relaxing, chillin', and reading the newly-released, Anne Rivers Sidons' Outer Banks. I think dinner was burned that night. I know I was. When I woke up the next morning, I went to finish reading ARS' Outer Banks. I couldn't find my bookmark. Xmaskatie told me that's because I finished the novel last night. I had to go back and re-read 150+ pages. What I learned from this: Never drink tequila again. I haven't. And I never will. Lesson learned. Thankfully, it only took me once. It's so simple when God just tells you, "Don't do it." With all that digressioning behind me, let's get to the 2010 Outer Banks Taste of the Beach Taste of the Beach EXPO. Just for a moment, think First Impressions. Hold that thought. For some reason or other, the Powers That Be at Taste of the Beach have decided to have "personalities." Last year, I believe Joe Flanagan from local TV in Hampton Roads was here. Also the local Blackbeard and Queen Elizabeth. Yes. Yes. Yes. I have retrieved said pictures. Here they are (from last year): Here's Joe Flanagan on the right.
And Blackbeard himself.
Blackbeard and a Local Wench.
Ahhh. The Queen Herself. Queen Elizabeth and Local Wench. Look at her body language. At the above two pictures. The first one, she's all happy and absorbed in herself. She is the star. Hell, she's got a freakin' twinkle in her eye. In the second, she's sharing the stage with Local Wench and she DOES NOT like it. Her smile is forced. Barbara Hird friggin' hates Rosie. I notice these things. OK. Back to the EXPO. This year we have celebrities. I use the term lightly. We have Ed Brantley and Heba Salama. May I have a resounding, "WHO?" Yes, that would be Ed and Heba at and at, also known as The Biggest Losers, an NBC show I've never seen, never heard of and would not watch. Now, back to the First Impressions, you were supposed to be holding. We arrive at Pamlico Jack's. There are parking lot attendants all over the place. The parking lot is full. Damnit, Mr. Hawthorne, I told you to leave earlier. We see our Centura banker, Nathan, in an orange vest, directing traffic. Hmm, Nate, don't give up your day job. Nathan tells Mr. Hawthorne to drop me off at the door (Hee!) and go park at Soundings Outlet Mall and take the shuttle back to Pamlico Jack's. I don't think so. He drops me off and I go to the sign-in tent. I give my name and the lady asks if anyone else is in my party. Yes, I reply, my husband, and I give his name. She checks us off her list. Then, she looks at me suspiciously. "Are you ... gasp ... Rosie?" I arch one eyebrow and put on my best Poker Face. The one I reserve for Royal Flushes and Four Aces. "Huh? Did you say Rosie? I have no idea of what or whom you're speaking." She replies: "I know your husband and I love your blog." Then my nose crinkled and my brow furrowed and I asked her, ... "Are you Phyllis?" "Yes." Phyllis is a follower of my blog and I met her the first time tonight. BIG WHOOT! Hi, Phyllis! Loved meeting you finally. Everyone knows what they say about First Impressions. Remember. First Impressions. v v v v v v v v v v v v v
We enter the foyer of Pamlico Jack's ... and are greeted by less-than-appetizing, life-sized posters of The Biggest Losers. Remember, this is a FOOD EXPO.
For crying out loud. I do NOT want to look at this.
Nor this. I think I just lost my appetite. Christonacracker, What are you people thinking? Was that offensive to you? Yeah? Then that, at a food show is offensive to me. Hell. What are people you smoking? IT'S FIRST IMPRESSIONS. AND FOOD. It's hours later. And I'm still trying to unring that bell. PLEASE STAY TUNED FOR MORE POSTS ABOUT THE TIARA OF TASTE OF THE BEACH. MOST IMPORTANTLY, STALAST POST AND MY LAST IMPRESSION OF OBX TOTB - THE EXPO. REMEMBER FIRST IMPRESSIONS AND LAST IMPRESSIONS. MOST IMPORTANTLY, LASTING IMPRESSIONS. This post dedicated to Mama Hawthorne. Because I know you'd like it, Mama.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I remember those black bean cowpies like it was yesterday, it was Penguin Isle, and I think Doug Tutweiler was the kind gentleman who helped us out. I imagine he got a good laugh out of that one; fun times.
Man boobs need to be covered, period.

Marilyn said...

Maybe that was their way of discouraging people from eating too much?

Obxsunshn said...

... Sorry that the Biggest Loser posters seemed offensive. I hope that the rest of your journey through the Expo was a good one!

Phyllis said...

Ms. Rosie, I'm positively glowing that you mentioned our meeting...I'm still all aflutter from my brush with greatness. And, follwing your recommends, I agree Lucky 12 was da bomb and those oysters w/ andouille were rather tasty. I also loved the cookies that were topped with chocolate and sea salt...oh my. And while I didn't get to sample much, my taste buds were sated. I did, however, miss those lovely posters of Ed and Heba--they musta got a clue and taken them down before I went in. I DID get to meet Ed & Heba, and they are lovely people, with inspiring stories, despite their before pictures. He is a culinary grad and has since changed his focus to healthy eating after losing well over 100 pounds. Can't wait to read your next entry!

Rosie Hawthorne said...

OBXsunshn, those Biggest Loser posters made my day. They were hysterical. Thanks. And I had a wonderful time at the EXPO.