Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Rosie Makes An Inspired Asian Inspired Soup.

Rosie has been in a soupy mood lately.
If you recall, I made my version of Tortilla Soup the other day.
Now, using my basic chicken consomme,
I'm making an Asian-inspired soup.
First, I melted a quart of my chicken consomme.
 My inner 12.
While the consomme was melting, I fried up some wontons.
Drain on paper towels.
Soup ingredients:
 Maitake mushrooms
 minced garlic (about 1 TB)
 ginger juice
minced ginger
 Tamari soy sauce (1 TB)

 Rosie hint #146: Keep ginger frozen in 1 inch cubes
. When ready to use, nuke frozen cubes about 20 seconds.  
Then you can squeeze the juice out.
Shrooms go into hot olive oil.
Stir fry about 2 minutes.
Add minced garlic and ginger.
 Cook about 1 minute.
 Never let garlic brown.
 It gets bitter.
Add about a tablespoon of soy sauce.
Pour into consomme.
Add some cooked rice.
A handful or two of peas.
If you use canned, I will hurt you.
Ginger juice.
Then I thought I'd fry my rice to get a sort of crispy rice soup.
Unfortunately, you can't hear the sizzle because the fan is too loud.
 Here's when I made some really excellent crispy rice soup.
Slice some scallions and add to the soup, along with fried wontons.
This was lovely.
Nothing overpowers.
 Just the right balance.
 But, damnit.
I forgot the sliced celery and snow peas.


Dogmama13 said...

Hi Rosie, faithful reader here. Where can I find your beef and chicken consomme recipes? I look forward to your blog, pictures, videos and the dogs, love the dogs. Thanks!

Marilyn said...

Looks interesting, Rosie. Especially the second picture. Wink, wink.

zzzadig said...

Ah, Asian soups are such delicious simplicity. This one and the heartier totilla soup were beautifully constructed. I hope all your readers try them both. Isn't Miatake what we call hen o' the woods?

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Hi, Barbara. My chicken consomme recipe is here:
And no, you don't have to use the feet, but my neighbor had just given me some. Whenever I cook a hen, I always save the carcass in the freezer. Same when I bone a chicken. Then I always have the fixin's for stock.

The beef consomme here:

Marilyn, get your mind out of the gutter!

And yes, zzzadig, maitake is called hen o' the woods.
See here for more info: