Saturday, March 13, 2010

Outer Banks Taste Of The Beach. Lucky 12 Tavern. It's All About Oysters. Part One.

Going to Lucky Twelve Tavern is like going to a dear friend's home and sitting at the kitchen table or sitting on a bar stool at the counter all the whilst your dear friend cooks for you. You are embraced when you walk in. There are friends everywhere you haven't met yet. It's just plain GOOD TIMES. The party takes on a life of its own. People communicate. People reach out to each other. People talk. People have fun. In other words, it was a GRAND PARTAY. That's what the atmosphere is like at Lucky 12. It's all happy-go-lucky. It's inviting. It's happy. It's like going into a dear friend's kitchen.
Lucky 12 is one of our favorite haunts.
Mr. Hawthorne and I arrive early at Lucky 12. There's Mark, the owner. Ready to do battle. Ready for the onslaught. But he's cool. He's collected. He knows his shit. I think he'd done a pizza battle earlier. Then he and BJ shucked 3 bushels of oysters. How many oysters is that? Don't know. Maybe 600-900 depending on size?
This is Teresa - she of the mighty oyster stew. Excellent stew. The onions and celery were perfectly crisp. Butter. Some cream and milk. Hint of thyme. Lovely. These were all my tastes and perceptions at the time. Lots of oysters in it. Teresa was kind enough to print out the recipe. I'll give you the recipe later. While Mark was carrying on about his oysters, I knew where the real cooking was going on. Anywhere Teresa was. So I stayed on Teresa like a rabid monkey on an ice cream cone.
I was THERE when the first bowl of Oyster Stew came off the stove top.
I had to elbow some bitches outta da way.
Lucky crab.
Lucky Rosie. Come to Mama.
Teresa is wonderful. Everyone should have their very own Teresa.
Now, Imonna shut up for a while and just let you look at the pictures. I give you darn near EVERY picture I took. I want the pictures to tell the story.
Oh, but first. Does anybody out there watch Housewives of ??? I think this is Vicki of the Orange County Set but before she had all the horrible surgery.
All right. I'll really shut up now.
Mark is gettin' ready to take out a heckler in his kitchen. Noooo. Not really. This is Rosie-World.
Holy crap! Everybody is admiring Teresa's ass! And little GingerSnap over there is taking photographs for posterity. GingerSnap is the official photographer for Taste Of The Beach. I'm lovin' Gingersnaps. Whenever she tried to shoot me, I'd duck and run, screaming, "I'm in the Witness Protection Program. You CAN'T SHOOT ME!!!!" Bitch stalked me the whole damn time.
Rosie muscled her way to the front. Everyone be damned. I gave Mark my plate and he gave me my oysters. I stopped him at six.
Lemon juice on each. Cocktail sauce.
The Cab was flowing freely.
Part Two will be up tomorrow. Just wanted Mark to know how much we enjoyed everything.

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