Thursday, March 4, 2010

Self Portrait.

Xmaskatie and I have been at Mama Hawthorne's. That's a self portrait of Rosie on Mama's chest at the foot of the bed in what used to be My Room.
From like a hundred years ago.
I just clicked on the above picture to enlarge. The photo underneath my self portrait is a shot of Ringo, my wonderful horse, and me. We're jumping over the fence into the backyard of Daddy's cabin at his farm. Such joyous youth. Such wonderful times. So many memories. For years, I haven't known I have been living a charmed life. All these years. Heel of hand. Head slap. I know now and appreciate everything. And ... POOF! So many are gone. Take life. Embrace it. Say, "I love you."


Kathy said...

I try to do that as part of the reason I started my own blog. But don't you hate it when you reach out a hand in nothing but friendship & concern and it gets slapped down with pure nastiness? I'll have to tell you about the latest - which you were also concerned about.

Anonymous said...

I love you.
Mr. H