Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Crock Pot Supper.

Two of the three Hawthornelets are home and I'm opting for crock pot meals. Load it, leave it, love it. Plus, I've gotten to be a big fan of crocked carrots. Plus, I need more time to work in the yard.
The meat is falling off the bone.
What are the Hawthornes having for dinner? Mr. Hawthorne came home with a few on-sale chops. 2 veal loin chops, regular $5.43 and $7.43 (Total=$12.86) reduced to $3.80 and $5.20 (Total=$9.00) for a savings of $3.86 and 2 lamb blade chops, regular $3.50 and $3.26 (Total=$6.76) reduced to $2.45 and $2.28 (Total=$4.73) for a savings of $2.03. Originally $19.62, reduced to $13.73, a total savings of $5.89, a whopping 30% in savings. Whew, all that Sandy Math is giving me a headache. The basic idea here is that one needs to shop around in their grocery stores. Be aware of sell-by dates and shop accordingly. The closer you get to the sell-by date on the meat, they start to mark it down. I always try to get the day before the sell-by, that way it's marked down the most. If you're there on the sell-by day, be forewarned that's the throw-out day. Yes. Perfectly good meat is tossed out. It can't even be given away. I've thoughtfully asked them if I could help take meat to the garbage bins for them, but I've had no such luck. I think they're on to me.
I salted and peppered the chops ... ... and seared each side in a medium high skillet in butter and oil. About 4 minutes each side.
I'm using red wine with beef base dissolved in it ...
... to deglaze the pan.
Scrape up all the goody bits.
One onion, 4 medium potatoes, most of a head of garlic. Or, however much you want.
Leave the garlic whole and quarter the potatoes and onion. Drop everything in the pot. Pour in deglazing wine and base plus some extra water. Cover and set on high.
After about 2 hours, I added in some celery ...
... and some radishes ...
... and some carrots.
Crock potting is an excellent way to use up miscellaneous leftovers in the fridge that might otherwise be overlooked until it's too late and they end up in the trash. Here I have rice, creamed corn, and corn off the cob. Add 'em in.
My house always smells so good whenever I crock pot anything. It's the red wine. Total cook time was about 6 hours.
Hearty. Earthy. Rustic. Hit-the-spot goodness.
Easy. Tender.
I'm liking baked celery more and more now. Very nice, soft celery in the broth. I love sucking the garlic paste out of its skin. Garlicky and winey. I'd put this in the comfort food category.

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