Sunday, June 5, 2011

What Have The Hawthornes Been Eating?

On what have the Hawthornes been dining? I know this question must be foremost in your mind. Despite writing actual recipes for a cooking blog, I occasionally foray into other areas - such as my animals, my garden, and my travels and I stray from the food. Lucky for you, I'm back at food. Specifically, Mr. Hawthorne's food.
Friday night Mr. Hawthorne fried shrimp (LOCAL CAUGHT) for dinner. After washing and butterflying the shrimp, Mr. Hawthorne dredged them in flour, then a quick bath in an egg wash (one egg mixed with 1 TB water), then a pull through cornmeal seasoned with Old Bay. A quick fry in vegetable oil and drain.
I'd made a toasted sesame seed/soy/ginger/rice vinegar/sugar sauce and a hot mustard dip.
Succulent and sweet. Liked the Asian aspects and the nose-clearing of the hot mustard. Nice balance. Fast forward to Sunday afternoon lunch.
Mr. Hawthorne fried flounder (LOCAL CAUGHT). Mr. Hawthorne first soaked the fish in buttermilk while his oil was getting hot. Go from buttermilk to a dredge through flour, cornmeal, and Cajun seasoning. Quick fry in vegetable oil. Drain.
The crust is perfect. Light, crisp, crispy, and crunchy. I went out and cut some dill and green coriander seeds from my cilantro that is going to seed. I love the spark that these fresh green seeds add to a dish, especially fish. When you bite into them, you think it's leaning toward a cilantro flavor, then it pops and hits you. A big ol' citrus flavor pervades and it's quite unique and a delightful gustatory sensation.
Now, I could tell you that was lemon curd on the top. And that would be truthful. Since it's got lemon in it and it's curdled. But it used to be this:
Some of the smoothest, silkiest Hollandaise I've ever made. For the fish, I actually nuked my leftover hollandaise from the Eggs Hawthorne we had for breakfast today. Of course the sauce separated. Sorry. I was in a hurry to eat. The flavor was all there. And I happen to like curd. I like the texture it adds. Really, I do. Anyways, thank you for our meals, Mr. Hawthorne. They've been excellent. This is how fried should be. Light, delicate, like a whisper.

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