Friday, June 3, 2011

What Keeps Me Watching The Next Food Network Star.

For the past several days when I've turned on Channel 44 for the Food Network, I've gotten nothing but last season's rehashed The Next Food Network Star. This is to get us viewers all stoked up for the next season of The Next Food Network Star which starts next Sunday at 9PM. Everyone, let out a collective, "WHEW!" What took ye so long? Now what on earth would make Rosie punish herself yet again by watching this dreck? And future dreck? Very simple. Stuff like this:
Tom: "I just like ... to like play with myself."
Aarti: "I would like to get lucky tonight." Aarti: "boob camp." Tell me I'm not the only one who heard this. Aarti's been in boob camp. This is what I live for. Food Network, bring it on!

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